Avanesyan v Kelly & Undercard Fights Review 20/2/2021 By Olu Oyedapo

JOSH KELLY (10-0-1, 6 KOs) vs DAVID AVANESYAN (26-3-1, 14KOs) 12 Rounds

Josh Kelly (10-0-1, 6KOs) and David Avanesyan finally put leather to flesh on the night of Saturday, 20th February 2021 at Wembley Stadium on a Matchroom fight card and it was the headline event. David Avanesyan, the champion from Russia now based in the UK starts off carefully trying to establish his jab with his hands up and body feints, Josh Kelly lets his hands go off early, looking sharp with early body work and then switches upstairs with double left hooks.

While Avanesyan looked slow or perhaps thinking too much, Kelly looked very impressive from the start of round 2 and threw a couple more dangerous left hooks; one of which caught Avanesyan by the jaw and rocked him backwards. What seemed as another good round for Kelly was perhpas the trigger Avanesyan needed to switch up his game as he started pressing forward, both guys displaying good boxing skills and footwork but by mid round 6, Avanesyan started landing the heavier, cleaner punches to the head and barely into the second minute of the round he scored a knockdown after this, he knew his job was done.

He charged forward to Kelly with dangerous power shots, Kelly's corner threw in the towel to prevent further punishment for their man. Josh Kelly dominated in the early rounds but Avanesyan shaked off his slow start to retain his European Welterweight Title. Kudos to both fighters for giving us a very brilliant fight.


This hyped up battle between these welterweight prospects started quite fast as both fighters let their hands go with Marku trying to establish the jab and Charlton trying to time his lead hand properly, Marku gets his range early on and makes his fight easy with a sharp jab and quick footwork which puts the fight into a very clean and professional atmosphere at a decent pace. However, Charlton is explosive with his offense, finding his way under the sharp jab of Marku to get to the body, Charlton seemed powerful but Marku managed to evade punishment.

A big right hand from Marku staggers Charlton in the fourth round but Charlton held on for dear life, Charlton recovered from the shock and by round 6 he was explosive again this time not without serious resistance from Marku, however Charlton scored a knockdown when his left hook landed flush on the head of Florian Marku and sent the Albanian to the canvas. Marku got up, recovered nicely and the fireworks continued.

At the start of the eighth round, Charlton was exhausted from all the action and started showing signs of wear, Marku started picking him apart with more solid shots to the head and to the body and eventually stopped Rylan Charlton in the eight round by KO.


This IBF International Super Lightweight title fight scheduled for 10 rounds got off to a good start with Valenzuela landing jabs and showing that he is a good counter puncher. He also packs power in his right hand that flung Davies Jr to the ropes just at the start of the second round.

With 10 seconds to the end of the third round, Davies Jr was dropped with a combination of a straight right followed by a right hook. Valenzuela seemed more impressive and delivered the more devastating punches on Davies Jr whenever the former connected. Valenzuela wanted to leave nothing for the judges and he wins the fight by Majority Decision.


Gill looked very confident against Juarez. Early on Gill had to weather a flurry of heavy punches from Juarez who was determined to make a statement, even though Gill proved to be smarter he was caught a couple of times, there was a time Juarez had Gill in the pocket and could have changed the course of the fight but he (Juarez) let that chance slip off his gloves.

With a little above average defense, Gill had answers for all of Juarez's questions and passed his test in flying colours. Jordan Gill becomes the WBA International Featherweight champion, a win by Unanimous decision.


Johnny Fisher, the Romford Bull had his professional debut in a duel with Matt Gordan. Fisher with little or no amateur experience hopes to translate his lessons from the training camp into a win come his first fight.

After a fight camp with top heavyweights available for sparring, Fisher was very convenient and seemed at home in the ring. He let his hands go in flurries of fast and good combinations, Gordan couldn't keep up with the power in those hands and his legs gave way for Fisher to score a knockdown in the first round. Gordan beat the count the first time but Fisher resumed his onslaught to knockdown Gordan for the second time and this time he was counted out.

Johnny Fisher wins his pro debut by a KO in the first round.

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