Daniel Dubois v Joe Joyce 28/11/20 Fight Preview by Neil Coote

Whilst the seasoned big men continue to mix it up on the world stage there remains a civil war for bragging rights simmering under the surface back on local territory. It would be too easy to assume that the paths of the two respected fighters has been guided by their own choices.

However, this collision course has been carefully mapped out by the crafty hands that guide them.

Some have hailed Dubois as the next 'big thing', the natural predecessor to the Brits who respectively covet the heavyweight titles across all respected bodies. His cold knockout power has iced 14 of his 15 opponents so far and has earned him a ruthless reputation.

His softly spoken tones mask a devastating punch power which has led the highlight reels of the platforms that crave him.

Joyce has revelled in the shadow of the Dubois hype whilst welcoming named opponents into the path of the aptly named 'Juggernaut'.

He has the ability to run over opponents with scant regard for damage to his own vehicle and has done so on 11 outings. This style may seem naive in the pro ranks but he has shown that he has gears and an engine that would suffice his moniker.

Triple 'D' lives in the gym and is devoted to the adjustments and improvements that the experts look for each time he steps between the ropes. His potential success will require improvements in defensive movement, enabling him to craft angles to return fire.

Small adjustments of half a step back when slipping Joyce's pawing jab would allow Dubois room to work those combinations that we have seen practiced with more frequency over the last three fights.

Joyce's style is fraught with clumsy but effective marauding of his opponents work. This has led to him 'squaring up' on too many occasions, it doesn't take an expert to predict how this might serve up an early first course for Dubois to feed off.

However, I am sure that has been taken into account by his coach and the necessary training actioned. Whether Joyce has the mindset to forget old habits in the midst of war is still an unanswered question, however his amateur pedigree should benefit him in this instance.

Lookout for some telling sequences of Joyce eating stiff jabs through the early wrestles, as Dubois' underrated footwork shifts him into position. It will be in Joyce's favour to try and make it messy enough to stretch it out over 12 rounds and 'pick off' points in clusters. However, Dubois' power will make him face and fight for his life earlier than expected and may lead to a mid-fight shootout from which Daniel should emerge a winner.


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